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5 Reasons to Visit Us for a Cosmetic Consultation

Have you been wondering if plastic surgery is right for you? It’s an important decision and should be taken very seriously. If you have been pondering a cosmetic procedure, one of the best things you can do is schedule a consultation with each of the surgeons you are considering.

We offer personalized cosmetic consultations and welcome your visit. As an important part of the planning process, these consultations can be immensely helpful in several ways. During your consult, you will be able to:

  1. Meet Dr. Garazo. Dr. Garazo is a board certified plastic surgeon who understands that before any type of surgery, it’s important to feel comfortable with your physician. During your consultation, you will be able to able to ask a plastic surgeon questions and spend time getting to know Dr. Garazo to learn about his background, training, and surgical expertise.
  2. Clarify your goals. If you’re considering plastic surgery, you probably have some idea of what you would like to accomplish through an aesthetic enhancement. The opportunity to speak privately with Dr. Garazo will help you understand your options and develop a treatment plan to reach your goals.
  3. Discuss your options. Once you have a clear direction, Dr. Garazo will perform an examination and give you honest advice on plastic surgery and non-surgical options that may help you accomplish those goals. Talking to a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon and choosing the best options is an exciting part of the process. Knowing that you are making an informed decision gives you confidence as you move forward.
  4. Tour our facility. Gaining familiarity with your surroundings before the day of surgery can be helpful and comforting. We not only ensure your safety by working in an accredited state-of-the-art surgical facility using a board certified anesthesiologist, but also value your privacy by providing a private patient entrance. After meeting with Dr. Garazo, we encourage you to take a tour of our facility and ask any remaining questions you may have.
  5. Meet the staff. Our staff enjoys talking with potential patients, and they will be delighted to meet you during your visit. We all work together as a team to ensure our patients’ well being and we want you to feel comfortable with all of us.

Our goal in offering a cosmetic consultation before a procedure is to help you make an informed decision about your cosmetic goals. Contact us to schedule your cosmetic consultation today. We look forward to meeting with you.



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