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“Try On” a Younger Look with Injectables

Feb 24, 2014 by

  Frown lines and wrinkles—we all earn them in time. If you’re wanting to do something about them, injectables give you an opportunity to try on a youthful, fresh look without committing to surgery. If you feel nervous about the permanence of surgery, you’re not alone. For many people, surgery is too drastic, expensive, and […]

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Blame Mom for Your Wrinkles!

Jan 27, 2014 by

There are many causes for wrinkles, the most common being exposure to UV rays from the sun, smoking and other negative lifestyle factors, and of course, the natural aging process itself. But a new study published by Nature reveals that genetics may also be at work. According to researchers, mitochondrial DNA passed down through the […]

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A Liquid Brow Lift, with Results in Minutes!

Aug 16, 2012 by

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Botox® is great, but it can’t be depended on to combat all aging in the upper face. A sagging brow can make you look tired and detract attention away from your eyes. Traditionally, brow lift surgery is prescribed to improve a sagging forehead. Now we have an effective alternative: the liquid brow lift. The secret […]

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