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3 Reasons To Be Excited about the New Silimed Breast Implants

I’m pleased to announce that I am the first plastic surgeon in Hagerstown to offer Silimed breast implants, the new family of silicone gel products approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March. You may have heard these implants referred to as the “gummy bear” implants because they are made of a cohesive silicone gel that keeps its shape. I’m excited about what this new product line offers you, for a number of reasons. Here are just three:

  • A new anatomical teardrop shape. For the first time, American women who want silicone gel implants will have a choice in implant shape. The other two silicone gel implants on the market, both safe and reliable products, are only available in a standard round shape. Silimed also offers a standard round implant, but patients can opt for their teardrop-shaped implant. The round implants provide fullness in the upper breast, while the shaped implants have a natural-looking sloped profile.
  • A customized result. The shaped implants come in one of three different base styles, which should offer a more personalized fit for your body. This selection of base styles is also unique to the Silimed implants, as the other manufacturers’ products come in only one standard footprint. The implants are also available in two different textures, offering you a wide range of alternatives for breast enhancement surgery.
  • A commitment to safety. Silimed implants will only be available to board certified plastic surgeons. This insures that the patient will have a highly trained specialist performing her breast augmentation. As a board certified plastic surgeon, I’m especially pleased with this requirement established by Silimed’s California-based distributor, Sientra.

With their innovative shapes, wide variety of sizes, profiles, projections, and surfaces, these newly approved silicone gel implants have the potential to appeal to a diverse group of women. Are you one of them? We welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you in detail. Contact us for a cosmetic consultation.


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