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All offers expire June 30th unless otherwise stated.

ASAPS 2019: The Biggest Cosmetic Surgery Meeting in the World (and We Were There!)

Dr. Garazo and his staff attended the New Orleans meeting to bring you the latest and best in cosmetic surgery and skincare. Check out all of the new items below!

Aquagold is Coming to Plastic Surgery Services

Aquagold is a microinfusion microneedling facial with four modalities that work at once:

  1. Microneedling for collagen induction
  2. Hyaluronic acid for dermal hydration
  3. BOTOX for shrinking pore appearance
  4. PRP for stimulation of stem cells

Aquagold contains 24 carat gold needles to deliver various serums deep into the dermis of the skin with no downtime or recovery. Benefits include reduced appearance of wrinkles, extra hydration, and brighter skin tone.

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Introducing Jeuveau #Newtox

Just released, this “new BOTOX” is the first-ever, cosmetic-only neurotoxin developed solely for smoothing wrinkles.

PRO-NOX™ for Pain & Anxiety

Is the thought of needles holding you back from a “new you?” No worries! We are now offering PRO-NOX nitrous oxide for patient comfort and care. It’s great for:

  • BOTOX or filler injections
  • Fear of needles
  • Anxious patients
  • Pain relief with local anesthetic injections for surgical procedures

The effects of this patient-controlled, metered dose of “laughing gas” are completely gone after just 10 minutes, so you can have your treatment in comfort and still drive yourself home. Ask us about this option at your next visit!

Oxygenetix Post-Treatment Skincare

New from the ASAPS meeting, the clinically tested Oxygenetix is the only cosmetic skincare line specifically formulated for immediate use after surgical procedures. We recommend this line to maintain your skin health after facelifts, microneedling, Aquagold, and peels and facials.

New Sientra Extra High-Fill Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Just released at the ASAPS meeting, these high-fill implants are great for providing a natural yet full breast appearance.

Injection & Skincare Specials

  • 1cc of VOLBELLA for lip enhancement for just $715 (regularly $750)
  • Oxygenetix medical-grade, post-procedure camouflage for $59 (regularly $66)
  • iS Clinical Lip Polish & Youth Lip Elixir duo helps you start summer off with luscious lips for $72 (regularly $85)

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