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Non-Surgical Procedures

Maryland Skin Care & Rejuvenation Services

Board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Henry Garazo has been providing patients in Hagerstown, MD; Frederick, MD; Gettysburg, PA, and surrounding areas with outstanding results for over 20 years.

Considered one of the premier plastic surgeons in Maryland, Dr. Garazo uses his skill and training to inform your non-surgical choices and provide the best possible outcomes. Dr. Garazo performs all injections at his clinic, a fact that differentiates him from most Maryland plastic surgeons. Dr. Garazo will often supervise his expert staff of skin care specialists as they perform other skin rejuvenation procedures. Patients visit the skin care and medi-spas of Plastic Surgery Services for their skin care needs and post-surgical maintenance.

For those considering skin care procedures (including Botox® and filler injections), plastic surgeon Dr. Garazo invites you to explore your options through a patient consultation. To schedule a consultation at Plastic Surgery Services, contact us online or call (301) 791-1800.

Plastic Surgery Services offers the following skin rejuvenation procedures:


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