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Abdominoplasty in Hagertown, Maryland

Maryland plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Garazo offers terrific tummy tuck results to his patients at Plastic Surgery Services in Hagerstown. For some men and especially for women, no amount of diet and exercise can achieve the flat abdomen they want. Factors such as pregnancy, genetics, weight fluctuation, and age can produce lax abdominal skin, stubborn fat pockets, and stretched abdominal muscles that mar their appearance. Abdominoplasty (also known as a tummy tuck) can address these abdominal issues, while creating the firm, flat stomach you seek.

Full vs mini tummy tuck

By removing excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightening your abdominal muscles, Dr. Garazo can offer an improved abdominal profile you will be proud to show off. Depending upon the extent of the issues you want to address, Dr. Garazo can perform either a full or mini-tummy tuck. A full tummy tuck addresses both your upper and lower abdomen, while the less invasive mini tummy tuck offers improvement to your lower abdomen only.

Cosmetic surgery before and after near Baltimore, MD

40-year-old female patient shown before and after a tummy tuck by Dr. Garazo. To see more results, please visit our photo gallery.

Am I a good candidate for tummy tuck surgery?

During your tummy tuck consultation, you will meet one-on-one with Dr. Garazo, where he will discuss your goals and assess whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. The best candidates for an abdominoplasty include men and women who are unhappy with their abdominal profile. They are healthy non-smokers with realistic expectations about the results they seek. Although abdominoplasty can offer great improvement to post-pregnancy bellies, women planning future pregnancies should postpone their procedure, since the next pregnancy can mar the results. It is also suggested patients be as close to their ideal weight as possible when undergoing the procedure.

Dr. Garazo and his team couldn’t have been more professional, kind and dedicated. Their professionalism blew me out of the water and their knowledge outweighed my expectations. I felt comfortable as I went through the surgery and recovery process. – Real patient of Dr. Garazo | View more testimonials

Preparing for tummy tuck surgery

Because tummy tucks are a surgical procedure, a significant part of the preparation is learning about the procedure and what the recovery period will entail.

Leading up to your tummy tuck

Before your tummy tuck procedure, you will need to do the following to prepare:

  • Stop smoking. Smoking can slow the healing process and also increases the risk of tissue damage. If you smoke, Dr. Garazo will recommend that you stop smoking before surgery and throughout your recovery.
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications. Dr. Garazo asks his tummy tuck patients to please refrain from taking certain blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, for two weeks before surgery. Click here to see a full list of medications to avoid.
  • Plan to have help during recovery. Arrange for a ride home after you leave the hospital, and for someone to stay with you for at least the first night of your recovery.

We encourage our patents to read up on the procedure, so they will know what to expect before, during, and following their surgery. We have a number of forms with helpful info in the patient resources section of the site. Check out our blog for fun, educational posts about tummy tucks and other surgical and non-surgical procedures.

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What happens during tummy tuck surgery?

All surgical procedures are performed by Dr. Garazo on our on-site, state of the art surgical suite, The Galleria Surgery Center. The Quad-A accredited facility offers a pristine environment, advanced technology, and the highest standards of patient care and safety. The Galleria Surgery Center is a fully-equipped outpatient surgical suite with a dedicated team of certified and experienced physicians, anesthesia providers, and recovery room staff.

Depending on the extent of your procedure, tummy tuck surgery can take anywhere from one to five hours. A board certified anesthesiologist or board certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) will provide all anesthesia services, ensuring you are safe and cared for throughout the entirety of your surgery.

During the surgery, Dr. Garazo will carefully make incisions that allow him to remove most of the excess skin and fat in your abdominal area. Then, the connective tissue that lies over the abdominal muscles will be tightened with sutures to really cinch the waist and give that desired hourglass shape.

Combining tummy tucks with other procedures

An abdominoplasty can be performed alone, or in conjunction with other procedures for a more complete transformation. Men and women often pair abdominoplasty with liposuction to sculpt a trim physique throughout the abdomen and hips. Women often complement their tummy tucks with a breast augmentation and/or a breast lift for a complete transformation—a customized procedure commonly known as a mommy makeover. Through careful consultation with Dr. Garazo, you can determine whether a tummy tuck alone or a combination of procedures can offer the beautiful body you seek.

Tummy tuck procedure with great belly button results

51-year-old female patient shown before and after a tummy tuck with Dr. Garazo. To see more results, please visit our photo gallery.

Tummy tuck recovery

Immediately following your tummy tuck surgery, your incisions will be covered by dressings and bandages. You will also be wrapped in a tight compression garment to reduce swelling and support your abdomen as it heals. As you recover, it is very important that you follow all post-op instructions, including wearing the garment and caring for your incisions and bandages.

Tummy tuck results

Because the procedure involves removing excess skin and fat, your new hourglass shape will be instantly noticeable. Any initial swelling from the surgery will subside over time, and surgical scars will continue to fade if properly cared for in the months following surgery.

Tummy tuck results are long lasting if you maintain a stable weight.

“Dr. Garazo and the wonderful staff here have changed my life. I went in wanting to fix some damage done to my tummy from 3 C-Sections and was treated with so much respect and care. I was immediately made to feel comfortable and could tell I was in great hands. I’m 4 weeks post surgery now and I’m beyond happy with the result. The medical assistants and nurses did such an amazing job making me comfortable and even taking after hours calls to check in on me. If you’re considering plastic surgery, there is no one I would recommend more than Dr. Garazo and his team!” – Real patient of Dr. Garazo, February 2023 | View more testimonials

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For those considering a tummy tuck, Frederick plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Garazo invites you to explore your options through a patient consultation. Dr. Garazo has proudly served patients in the greater Maryland area for over 20 years. Named “Best Plastic Surgeon” in the tri-state area by The Herald-Mail’s Community’s Choice Awards for 4 consecutive years, Dr. Garazo specializes in a range of plastic surgery procedures, including breast aesthetics and body contouring.

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