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Face Lift Surgery

Hagerstown, Maryland Facelift

In the hands of an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Henry Garazo, facelift surgery can help you take up to ten years off of your appearance

A facelift can greatly rejuvenate your look by diminishing signs of aging in the mid-portion of your face. Lax muscle tone, sagging skin, deep facial creases, and displaced fat can make you look tired and older than you feel.

A facelift can surgically address these issues, tightening lax underlying muscle, removing excess fat, and redraping facial skin for a youthful yet natural look. Innovative procedures in recent years produce beautiful, subtle results, no longer creating that “worked on” look many fear from a face lift. Maryland cosmetic surgeon Dr. Henry Garazo is experienced in modern facial procedures, bringing state-of-the-art techniques and unsurpassed care to his patients at Plastic Surgery Services.

“From my consultation until now almost 3 weeks after my surgery these people have been wonderful and very welcoming, one of the friendliest offices I’ve ever walked into. They are very personable and make you feel very comfortable. They show genuine concern about your healing and comfort, they check on you regularly, they see you regularly to insure everything is going as it should. If you think somethings wrong they bring you in immediately without question. They are very kind people and I’m extremely happy with the work that I had done, I don’t think I’ll ever go anywhere else to have “work” done. This office is amazing and his employees are amazing, they are all so sweet and caring. I’d recommend them to everyone.” – Real patient review

Procedure Overview

Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

Facelifts are popular among both men and women, usually in their 40s through their 60s, though both younger and older patients can also benefit from the results. The best candidates tend to be those who are physically healthy, have fairly good skin elasticity, do not smoke, and possess specific, realistic goals.

Generally speaking, a facelift might be a great option for you if you have any of the following concerns:

  • Loss of muscle tone and skin elasticity on the face and neck.
  • Deep creasing between the nose and mouth, known as nasolabial folds.
  • Jowling or loss of definition between the jawline and neck.
  • An overall drooping or tired appearance.

Through careful consultation, Dr. Garazo can help you determine if a facelift is the best option for you.

What is facelift surgery like?

There are several facelift techniques Dr. Garazo can use depending upon the extent and type of change you seek. A traditional facelift, for instance, addresses the deep layers of your face, repositioning the underlying tissue, lifting deep layers, and redistributing fat for a more youthful look. For those with less extensive concerns, a mini-facelift may offer the level of rejuvenation needed. A mini-lift can tighten your jowls, cheeks, and neck using less extensive incisions.

“I had a wonderful experience. Dr. Garazo and staff were kind and professional. I am thrilled with my results. I would recommend that anyone considering plastic surgery start here.” – Real patient review

Typically, facelift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and can take anywhere from two to five hours, depending on how extensive a procedure you need. Incisions are made in front of and behind the ear where they are carefully concealed by the natural folds of your skin while allowing Dr. Garazo adequate access to reposition and elevate underlying tissues. To address the neck, Dr. Garazo will use the same incisions to lift and tighten tissues above platysmal muscles to define the jaw line, remove any excess fat, and reduce drooping skin.

Though traditional and mini-facelifts provide great anti-aging results, they may not address every aesthetic facial issue you seek. In some cases, these procedures can be combined with others, such as a brow lifteyelid surgery, or a neck lift, for a more complete cosmetic renewal. Dr. Garazo also often recommends non-surgical treatments to enhance results, such as BOTOX or fillers to address fine lines and wrinkles or skin resurfacing to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Will I be able to go home after a facelift?

After your procedure, you will spend some time in a recovery room as the anesthesia wears off. If you had a mini-facelift, you may be allowed to return home the same day with a designated driver. For more extensive procedures, you may be required to stay overnight with a private nurse.

After your procedure, it’s normal to experience some discomfort. We are happy to prescribe pain medication to ensure you are not in pain. Swelling and bruising are also normal and typically subside within a week or two with proper care. It’s important to avoid strenuous activity or anything that elevates your blood pressure during the beginning stages of healing. Normal, day-to-day activities can usually be resumed in around two weeks, though exercise will need to be avoided for at least three weeks.

When can I wear makeup after a facelift?

As you start to feel better and make short trips out in public, you may be feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your incisions or any bruising. However, it’s important not to apply anything irritating to healing incisions. Dr. Garazo recommends waiting at least a week before applying camoflauge makeup. Our team of skincare specialists can recommend options, including Oxygenetix post-procedure makeup that won’t irritate your skin.

How much does a facelift cost in Maryland?

In our Hagerstown, Maryland plastic surgery office, the final cost of your facelift surgery will depend on a few factors, including how extensive of a procedure you need to achieve your desired results. Your cost of surgery will include:

  • Dr. Garazo’s surgeon’s fee
  • All of your pre- and post-operative visits
  • Operating room time and supplies in our Quad-A accredited surgery center
  • Anesthesia

After your consultation with Dr. Garazo, we’ll provide you with a surgery fee quote with your exact price. In addition to accepting cash, check, and card, we also work with CareCredit for plastic surgery financing.

“Such a warm-welcoming place from the moment you walk in the door! The staff and Doctor are friendly and knowledgeable, they provided step by step for the procedure I was getting done which caused me to be calm and excited for it rather than nervous, everything has been going perfect from the surgery to the healing! They went beyond of what I expected. They followed up and were easy to contact when needing assistance with something. Definitely recommend getting cosmetic surgery and the other services they provide, done here! You won’t be disappointed! I can’t say enough good things about this place.” – Real patient review, June 2023

For those considering a Maryland facelift, Frederick, MD plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Garazo invites you to explore your options through a patient consultation. To schedule a consultation at Plastic Surgery Services, contact us online or call (301) 791-1800.


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