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Gynecomastia Surgery

Male Breast Reduction – Maryland

A commonly sought cosmetic procedure for men, male breast reduction corrects a condition called gynecomastia, a benign enlargement of male breasts caused by a number of factors. Some causes of gynecomastia include hormonal changes, heredity, disease, and the use of certain drugs. This condition, which can cause enlargement of one or both breasts, is a source of self-consciousness and embarrassment for many who suffer from it.

Though gynecomastia is a much more common condition than most men realize, it can be a great source of shame, causing many to shy away from the physical and intimate activities they enjoy. In some cases, non-surgical treatments prove effective for gynecomastia, but for others in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, plastic surgery can offer the positive change they seek. Dr. Henry Garazo, a plastic surgeon in Frederick, offers this procedure to our patients.

Men come to Dr. Garazo because he offers a safe, effective treatment for gynecomastia through male breast reduction. Dr. Garazo can remove excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue from male breasts to create the flatter, more masculine chest many men seek. Good candidates for the procedure are men of all ages who are bothered by the size of their breasts. They must be in good health physically, have a stabilized breast size, and possess realistic expectations for their surgical results. For adolescents suffering from gynecomastia whose breasts may still be growing, surgical treatment is an option, although a second procedure may be needed at a later date.

Men can find relief from the embarrassment of gynecomastia. For men considering a male breast reduction, Dr. Henry Garazo invites you to explore your options through a patient consultation. To schedule a consultation at Plastic Surgery Services, contact us online or call (301) 791-1800.


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