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Find Out Your Face Shape + How to Highlight All Your Best Features

Do you know your face shape? It’s actually more complex than you might think. Successfully using the best facial contouring treatments, hairstyles, and makeup application techniques can depend on knowing your unique shape.

Cosmopolitan recently tackled the equation and made suggestions about the best ways to compliment your look. Here’s what we found out:

First, grab your measuring tape

Wondering how to find your face shape? It starts with your trusty measuring tape. Also, grab a piece of paper and a pencil to write it all down. Here’s a play-by-play.

  • Start at the top: Begin by pulling your lovely locks away from your face and start by measuring your forehead from hairline to hairline at the widest point. Jot down the number.
  • Next up, cheeks: Start at the outer corner of one eye, go across the nose, and to the opposite corner of your other eye. Write the measurement down.
  • Move on to your jaw: Start the measuring tape right underneath your ear at the center of your jaw and measure across the middle of your chin to the opposite side of your jaw. Add the number to your chart.
  • Now, top-to-bottom: Now that you’ve got the width, it’s time to get the length. Starting at the top of your crown or middle of your hairline, pull the measuring tape to the bottom of your chin (noting that the tape should run along the center of your nose).

Got your numbers? Here’s how to find out which shape matches your measurements.

Identifying a celeb with a similar facial structure to yours means you can take advantage of their most flattering makeup and hairstyle ideas.

Round, Square, or Rectangular Face Shapes

The commonality between the following face shapes is having a similar width to height ratio. Keeping your measurements in mind, grab your phone to compare your look to potential face shape sisters. This step isn’t just for fun: identifying a celeb with a similar facial structure to yours means you can take advantage of their most flattering makeup and hairstyle ideas.

How to know if you have a round face shape:

First, check out Selena Gomez. Is your forehead rounded toward your hairline? Is your cheekbone width similar to your face length? Is your jawline more rounded and your face length is similar to the width? If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, you have a round shape.

How to know if you have a square face shape:

Take a look at Demi Lovato’s face shape. Does your hairline follow a relatively straight path from side to side, matching your jaw structure? Is the width of your cheekbones similar to that of your hairline and jaw? Is your face a similar width and height? If yes is the answer, you’re rocking the square shape just like Lovato.

How to know if you have a rectangular face shape:

The rectangular face shape is very similar to the above, so pay attention. First, take a look at Olivia Wilde who is pulling off the rectangular look like a pro. See any similarities? Note that this shape is the same as the aforementioned shape but the forehead has a little more length. Is your face twice as long as the width? You might be rectangular.

Oval, Heart, or Diamond Face Shapes

The commonality between the following face shapes is a little more length than width, but the differences to look for are in the hairline and chin shape.

How to know if you have an oval face shape:

Calling all Beyonce fans. Do you feel like your shape resembles Queen Bey’s? Is your forehead long, but more narrow than your cheeks? Are your cheeks the widest part of your face? Does your jaw have soft angles? Overall, is your face length longer than it is wide? If so, you most likely have an oval shape.

How to know if you have a heart face shape:

Kourtney Kardashian is the poster child for this face shape, notably with her widow’s peak hairline. Other things to note are your hairline being wider than your jawline, cheekbones similar in width to your forehead, and your face comes to a point, mimicking a its namesake, a heart.

How to know if you have an diamond face shape:

The diamond mimics, you guessed it, a diamond. This face shape is similar to Anna Kendrick’s, where the forehead and jawline are more narrow than the cheek bones. Additionally, if you’re a match for this shape, you likely have similarity in the length of your face and width of your cheekbones.

Still confused on where you fit in?

Sometimes, we have a mix of shapes that can make it hard to determine your face type (cough cough, J LO). But regardless of what category you fall in, you can adjust contours you’d like to change. Non-surgical procedures such as fillers and fat injections can let you try out new looks without making a permanent commitment.

Lip enhancement is another popular way to modify your look. If your neck and chin contours are a concern, we’ve got a newer non-surgical option for reducing a double chin: Kyeblla. (It has long-lasting results too!)

Should you choose to update your look, be sure to work with a board certified plastic surgeon for your safety as well as your results. Their deep knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetics will help ensure you get the look you want.

Ready to try fillers in Maryland or learn about surgical options that can help love your look even more? Contact us today!

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