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How Do I Choose the Right Shape of Breast Implant?

Once you’ve made the decision to go forward with a breast augmentation, you have a few more choices to make. Implant type, size, and profile are obviously important to the success of your procedure. Up until last year, if you wanted silicone gel implants, one choice not available to you was shape—a round implant was your only option.

With the FDA’s approval of the Silimed family of silicone gel implants, that has changed for the better. Silimed’s shaped product—commonly known as the gummy bear implant—gives you yet another option for your procedure. In addition to being available in a round shape, the new gummy bear implants also come in an anatomical teardrop-shaped option that closely resembles the mature natural breast. The “gummy bear” nickname is based on the consistency of the new generation of silicone gel in the implants; it is highly cohesive and form stable, meaning it keeps its shape. The consistency of the silicone gel is similar to that of the popular candy.

Round vs Shaped
So, what are the differences in round and shaped implants, and how does this affect your breast augmentation?

Teardrop-shaped implants create a more gradual, sloping silhouette whereas round implants produce more fullness in the upper breast. Some patients seek the teardrop option when they want their augmentation to be more subtle, as they feel that it provides a more natural look. The shaped implants are a bit firmer than the traditional silicone gel implants and also have a textured surface to help keep their position stable.

Teardrop-shaped implants are also well suited for revision surgeries, when the breast pocket has already been stretched out, and for reconstruction cases, when there may be very little natural breast tissue to provide shape for the reconstructed breast or coverage for the implant.

Traditional round silicone gel implants have been used with great success since 2006, when they were reintroduced to the general consumer. Many patients like their natural feel and their ability to help create beautiful cleavage.

Round silicone gel implants are quite versatile, as they come in a wider variety of sizes and profiles to fit every body type. A skilled plastic surgeon can create gorgeous natural-looking results using round silicone gel implants.

Your Best Choice
Which implant is better for you? Because each breast augmentation is a personalized procedure, the answer is different for every woman. Let me help you make the decision during a consultation, because clear communication between patient and surgeon is the key to establishing goals for the procedure. Whether you opt for round implants or new shaped gummy bear implants, I can develop a surgical approach that helps you achieve the degree of enhancement you want. Visit us for a first-hand look at the variety of implant sizes, textures, and shapes available.


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