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Does Plastic Surgery Get a Bad Rap?

As a board certified plastic surgeon, I am always focused on the safety of my patients. The good news is that the vast majority of cosmetic procedures, when performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, have no unusual complications. Unfortunately, the public is often misled about the safety of plastic surgery by the sensational reports that occasionally turn up in the media.

Earlier in the year another plastic surgeon and I were quoted in an article about the safety of plastic surgery on Here is what Dr. Tracy Pfeifer had to say:

“I think that the perception that plastic surgery is unsafe is partially due to the media reports. This is because it is so rare for a person undergoing plastic surgery to have a complication that when it does happen, it often makes the news.”

I believe Dr. Pfeifer has hit the nail on the head regarding the media. In the same article, I spoke to the importance of partnering with an experienced, skilled board certified plastic surgeon to help insure your safety during a procedure. Please read the entire post on the NewBeauty site.

Here in Maryland, I’m happy to report that we’ve just celebrated the first anniversary of the passage of the Maryland Truth in Advertising Law, which ensures that physicians are transparent about their certification and the board from which it was received. Well-informed patients interested in plastic surgery should strongly consider surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), as this will maximize their chances for a great result. Contact our office if you have further questions about patient safety, board certification, or specific procedures you’ve been considering. We’re happy to give you the facts!


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