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Pucker Up! Have “HOT LIPS” for Valentine’s Day

Do you want irresistible lips to woo your Valentine? There’s plenty of time to enhance your lips before you and your sweetheart share a kiss. And we’re offering a variety of specials  to entice you. Check out our February Promotions for more information!

We’re not all graced with beautiful, symmetrical, lush lips. What makes a beautiful set of “Hot Lips”?

  • Lips should be full in the center and gradually taper to the corner
  • The bottom lip should be slightly larger than the top lip
  • Lips should be symmetrical from side to side
  • The corner of the lip should vertically align with the pupil
  • Lips should have a well-defined border, with graceful arches that look proportional (Fear the “Hollywood Earthworm” look!)
  • There should be a well-defined dimple in the center of the upper lip, or “Cupid’s Bow” (Yes, that is the actual anatomical term used by plastic surgeons!)

If you need a little help to define or enhance the vermilion border (lipstick line) and restore Cupid’s bow, I can help. Lack of symmetry, volume, and definition can all be addressed through lip augmentation. There are several quick nonsurgical ways to enhance your lips, including JUVÉDERM® injections, Restylane® injections, and even fat injections. Each has benefits according to the effect you want:

  • More volume and better shape. If you want to enhance both the size and shape of your lips, you have a couple of options. JUVÉDERM® is composed of hyaluronic acid, similar to the same substance that occurs naturally in your body. JUVÉDERM® can sculpt your lipstick line (the vermilion border mentioned above), and it can also add lush volume. Lip augmentation with JUVÉDERM® is immediate and can last from six to 12 months. Restylane® is very similar and offers the same advantages as JUVÉDERM® because it also sculpts and plumps. Both have Lidocaine mixed in to provide a virtually painless experience and the injections take just a few minutes!
  • More volume. If you’re happy with the shape of your lips but feel they are thin or flat, fat injections might be appropriate. Fat injections provide very natural-looking results for lip enhancement because fat from your own body is used. A modified liposuction technique is used to gently extract fat from other areas of your body, which is then prepared for injection into your lips. The main advantage of fat injections is that the results can last as long as several years.

Are you ready for more luscious lips? There’s one essential thing to keep in mind before you pucker up: the skill of the injector. It is vitally important, because very subtle changes can be achieved through precise application of the product. I have over 20 years experience performing injections. Also, I personally perform all the injections at Plastic Surgery Services. My extensive training and critical aesthetic eye both come into play when addressing issues of asymmetry or definition. Do you like the overall size of your lips but just want a better shape? We can do that! If you want a more pronounced Cupid’s bow—the cute curve between the upper lips—you need a skilled injector to create successful results. Just as important, we make detailed notes in your medical chart to monitor your results and replicate them at the time of your next injection.

Cupid will be here soon! Come in for your personalized consultation or call us for a same-day express appointment.


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