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Rhinoplasty is Popular with Men and Women

Many people are sensitive about the appearance of the most prominent feature on their face—namely, their nose. So it stands to reason that nose reshaping surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), just under a quarter of a million rhinoplasties were performed in 2012. One of the reasons for the popularity of nose reshaping is that it appeals to both men and women; it is by far the most common cosmetic surgery procedure for men and the second most common procedure for women.

Insecurity about the nose’s appearance can negatively impact self-confidence and self-image. I see many patients who are unhappy with the current size or shape of their nose and they feel that the nose attracts unwanted attention, detracting from the rest of their facial features. Sometimes breathing is compromised by a defect or injury to the nose, so rhinoplasty is not always a purely cosmetic procedure. Here are several reasons why women and men come talk to me about nose reshaping surgery:

They want facial balance
Many patients hope to increase facial harmony by changing the size or shape of their nose. This may be accomplished by adjusting the tip, bridge, and distance between the nostrils to bring the nose into proportion with other facial features.

They want an improved profile
Changing the size of the nose can often dramatically alter the profile. Shortening the nose or removing bumps creates a more pleasing appearance from the side. Conversely, the nose can be lengthened into a more appealing shape as well.

They want to improve nasal breathing
Patients may also seek this procedure to improve nasal breathing, or to correct issues related to injuries or birth defects. Whether the primary motivation is aesthetic or functional, rhinoplasty can offer relief for patients who have difficulty breathing, allowing them to take a full, deep breath. This type of nose surgery can also improve the appearance of the nose, blending the cosmetic with the functional.

They just want a “touch up”
The changes from a rhinoplasty don’t have to be dramatic to be meaningful to the patient. I’m also experienced with minor adjustments that make a nose more appealing. A small, natural-looking change can have a big impact on appearance and self-esteem.

A successful rhinoplasty combines aesthetic sensibility with technical skill: the genius is in the details. Thus it is particularly important to have a very experienced, board certified plastic surgeon when it comes to rhinoplasty. When I discuss rhinoplasty for men or women, I stress that it’s also important to establish realistic goals for the procedure. I always strive to have the result contribute to a patient’s facial harmony as well as improve his or her overall quality of life.


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