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Trends in Liposuction: A Consumer Guide

I recently read a post by fellow plastic surgeon Dr. Richard A. Baxter that really resonated with me, and I’d like to share it with you. I’ve also noted that hype about certain treatments tends to disguise the true nature of procedure and do not feel that this is in the patient’s best interest. Here is his introduction:

What started out as a fairly simple idea – vacuum out stubborn areas of excess fat – has morphed into an alphabet soup of techniques and technologies. Smart lipo, Slim lipo, Tickle lipo, power lipo, Smooth lipo, VASER lipo, tumescent, liposculpting, and others, all claiming to be safer, more effective, and with minimal or no down time for recovery. How is the educated consumer supposed to separate the wheat from the chaff and make an informed decision?

Dr. Baxter offers four points about liposuction that I think you’ll find very helpful if you’ve been confused by all the marketing jargon. See his full post here.


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