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What’s Going on in the World of Cosmetic Surgery?

As a plastic surgery practice, it’s safe to assume we’re interested in all things cosmetic medicine—and we aren’t the only ones! If you’ve been curious about what country is getting the most plastic surgery or which procedures are topping the charts worldwide, read on. The Aesthetic Channel recently highlighted what’s going on in the world of cosmetic surgery trends, and it may surprise you.

Here’s what they found out:

The United States gets the most plastic surgery

Out of all the countries, the United States alone makes up 18% of all cosmetic treatments performed internationally. The other top five countries worldwide are Brazil, Japan, Italy, and Mexico—and together they account for 40% of all plastic surgery treatments worldwide.

Breast augmentation tops the list, but other plastic surgery procedures are rising in the ranks

Making up 16% of all cosmetic surgeries performed in 2015, breast augmentation remains the most popular procedure worldwide. But there are a number of other procedures experiencing impressive growth in popularity.

According to stats released by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), labiaplasty has risen by 45% in just two years, lower body lifts have increased by 29%, and buttocks lifts have gone up by 20%. And while male cosmetic surgery is on the rise (up 14% over the last year), penile enlargement is the least popular treatment.

Read the full article to learn more interesting statistics about plastic surgery around the world.

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