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5 Myths About Gummy Bear Implants

Woman-holding-implantWord is spreading and the rumor mill is going crazy over highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants, often referred to as “gummy bear” implants.  Expanding the available options for breast augmentation, these misunderstood implants have been attracting surgeons and patients looking for new choices for long-lasting, natural results. But like the new kid in school, gummy bear implants have been surrounded by confusion and gossip, such as limited options, a high price tag, and a large incision.

So What Exactly Are Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy bear implants are made from a specially designed, high-strength cohesive gel that gives them greater stability and pliability. The durability of these implants results in a lower rupture rate and completely removes the danger of contents leaking out should a rupture occur.

Here at Plastic Surgery Services, we’re big fans of highly cohesive silicone gel implants and the beautiful results they can produce for the right patient. We think once you understand the benefits you may love them too, so we are debunking some of the common myths surrounding gummy bear implants:

Myth: “If you want round gummy bear implants, you’re out of luck.”

Contrary to the rumors that highly cohesive silicone gel implants offer no round options, these breast implants come in a variety of shapes to fit nearly any woman’s needs. Round, classic shaped, oval base, or round base, the choice is yours. Your doctor can help you better understand each of the shapes and options so you can find the perfect fit for you.  

Myth: “I’ve heard gummy bear implants only come in one profile.”

The profile of an implant contributes to how far forward your breasts will project from the base of your chest after your breast augmentation procedure—and choosing the right fit for your body is key to a beautiful, proportionate result.

One misconception with gummy bear implants is that only one profile is available; however, each shape option is offered in a low, medium, and high profile version. Your plastic surgeon can help demonstrate each implant for you to help find the right size and shape combination to meet your goals.

Myth: “Gummy bear implants are way too firm.”

So, what do gummy bear implants feel like? While it is true that highly cohesive silicone gel is stronger and firmer than traditional silicone gel, the implants are pliable, much like their candy namesake. Rumors continue to circulate that gummy bear implants feel too firm and unnatural compared to other varieties, but the stability and sturdiness of the implant is complemented by a soft and supple feel.

Myth: “Gummy bear implants are really expensive!”

While it’s true that gummy bear implants typically cost slightly more upfront, their durability and long-lasting results can mean a better investment for the patient over the life of the implant. A 5-Year Follow-Up Data study found a high rate of safety and patient satisfaction, along with a low incidence of complications. This indicates that, for the right patient, gummy bear implants can be a very cost-effective option compared to other implants on the market.

Myth: “Don’t go with gummy bear implants if you want a discreet scar.”

False! Rumors of a longer incision continue to follow these implants around, but remain untrue. Gummy bear implants do require the inframammary (in the crease or fold of the breast) incision, but we often recommend this incision placement for breast augmentation anyway. The inframammary incision creates very discreet scarring (a bonus for patients) while providing ample access to the breast pocket (a bonus for the doctor). Because the breast tissue is not affected, we find this to be the least invasive incision option as well.

Now That You Know the Truth…

If gummy bear implants sound like they could be a great fit for you, contact us to schedule a personal consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Garazo. During your appointment, he’ll discuss what you can expect with gummy bear implants, provide an overview all of your implant options, and help you determine the best course of action to achieve your desired results.


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