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Is Sugar Hurting Your Skin?

Most of us are becoming aware of just how much what we put into our bodies impacts our health. From nicotine and alcohol to saturated fats and highly processed foods, there are a number of substances that can negatively affect your health or appearance—and sugar may be one of the worst culprits.

Personal trainer and mother Wendy Powell and 50-year-old Kirsty Price were recently interviewed about their secrets to looking much younger than their years—and their claims that cutting sugar made all the difference were recently backed by science.

Can reducing your sugar intake really help you look younger?

According to both women, avoiding sugary foods and products with added sugar quickly made a difference in the appearance of their skin, helping it to look more supple and clearing blemishes.

The changes Powell and Price experienced are likely due to no longer experiencing the negative impact sugar has on collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen and elastin are the magical elements in the skin that keep it looking and feeling young. As we age, our levels of each decrease naturally—and sugar further reduces their effectiveness.

The proof is hard to ignore: scientists in the Netherlands recently established a direct link between high blood sugar levels and perceived age. On average, images of people with higher blood sugar levels were considered to look older than those with lower levels. In fact, with every additional millimeter in blood sugar levels, the perceived age rose by five months. The study also showed that those suffering from diabetes looked the oldest.

Great skin starts with you (but we can help!)

Cutting down on sugar may be a difficult prospect, but the benefits can outweigh the challenges, and you don’t have to make a drastic change all at once to see results. In addition to indulging in fewer sweets, there are a number of ways to keep your skin healthy and glowing—and an experienced skincare provider working under MD supervision is a great place to start. Contact us today to learn more about your Maryland skincare options!


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